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The essence of ceremony has woven itself intricately into the tapestry of our existence, becoming an innate aspect imprinted within the very fabric of our beings. It is a sacred thread that has been interwoven through the chronicles of my life, its presence traced back as far as my memories reach.

Embracing the art of ceremony is a sentiment that resonates deeply within me, not just as a sporadic occurrence, but as a harmonious rhythm that orchestrates the symphony of my daily life. Yet, its significance expands beyond the mundane, as it becomes a vessel through which I navigate life's transitions.

The magic of ceremony unfurls its petals whether I embark on this intimate journey alone, fostering a private communion with my inner self, or extend its embrace to encompass another soul in a one-on-one connection. Moreover, its potency amplifies when shared within the collective embrace of a group, for within the witnessing eyes of others, its transformative power blossoms.


Through the years, I've orchestrated and held ceremony for myriad junctures of existence. In the face of life's capricious twists, I have found solace and empowerment in crafting ceremonies to navigate change. I've woven delicate rituals to cradle the weight of grief, sculpting a space where the profound pain of loss can be tenderly held and gradually transformed into healing.

The journey of motherhood, with its myriad shades of joy and sorrow, has also been graced by my ceremonial touch. I've carved out sanctuaries of reflection and remembrance for the souls that fluttered briefly, yet profoundly, into my life, acknowledging their existence and finding closure amidst the ebb and flow of emotions.

Even the dissolution of a once cherished marital bond has found its place within the embrace of ceremony. In honouring the end, I have found an avenue to release and redefine, to commemorate the beauty that once was, and to welcome the unwritten chapters that lie ahead.

Should the tendrils of curiosity lead you to explore the realm of ceremony and its transformative caress through life's transitions, I extend my hand in companionship. Let us embark on a conversation, a heartfelt dialogue where I share the wisdom that has blossomed from my journey through the delicate art of ceremony.  With Love xx

Chhath Puja
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