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Plant Based Ceremonies

In the embrace of the Earth's ancient wisdom, we find ourselves drawn to the sacred realm of plant-based ceremonies. These timeless rituals have woven a tapestry of healing and connection since the dawn of existence. As we gather in reverence, I've been privileged to traverse this mystical landscape, guided by the spirits of diverse plant medicines.


Now, let us embark on a journey to enrich our understanding of these profound ceremonies, suffused with love and shamanic reverence, while nurturing a deep respect for the forces that grace us.

Within the heart of our gatherings, the spirit of plant-based medicine dances harmoniously with the rhythms of the universe. Like custodians of ancient knowledge, we weave these plant allies into the fabric of our events, where their intrinsic healing properties and transformative energies become the catalyst for profound connections. Each petal, each leaf, carries the whisper of generations past, inviting us to participate in the grand tapestry of existence.

Amidst this symphony of botanical enchantment, the gentle caress of cacao emerges as a steadfast presence—a nurturing grandmother spirit that tenderly cradles our hearts. With every sip, our barriers dissolve, and the chambers of our emotions swing open wide. Guided by cacao's warm embrace, we traverse the inner landscapes with courage, embracing vulnerability and understanding. Together, we learn to navigate the currents of our souls and unearth the wisdom buried within.

In our circle of communion, the radiant blue lotus joins us, a luminous gem with a lineage stretching across epochs. An emblem of ancient celebrations, this ethereal blossom carries within its petals a portal to otherworldly realms. As we partake, our consciousness expands, and the veils that separate us from the unseen become gossamer threads, easily traversed. The blue lotus strengthens the very fibers of our beings, fortifying our nervous systems as we embark upon our sacred journeys of discovery.

Yet, as we embrace these mystical allies, we do so with unwavering reverence. We honor the potency they bear, recognizing their potential to reveal, heal, and transform. Just as a shaman approaches the heart of the forest with humility, seeking permission before partaking of its treasures, so too do we approach these plant spirits. Our care and diligence ensure that our engagement is one of harmony, never exploiting the gifts they so willingly offer.

In the embrace of plant-based ceremonies, we find ourselves at the crossroads of timelessness and the present moment. Here, the ancient whispers of the plants mingle with our intentions, creating a symphony of healing, connection, and transcendence. Together, with hearts aglow and spirits aligned, we embark on these sacred journeys, holding space for the profound shifts that await us.

I hold a profound love for the plant medicines that we work with, indeed for nature in her totality.  Sharing this from a place of love is a joy to my very being, I'd love to see you in circle soon x

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