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Embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery with Innerdane, where the profound dance of awakenings, personal insights, and deep inner exploration come to life.

Guided by the harmonising forces of music, brain activation, intuitive touch, and the nurturing embrace of sacred space, Innerdane presents you with a vessel for profound transformation and spiritual growth.

Originating in the Philippines and now echoing across the globe, Innerdane stands as a profound practice birthed by Pi. Its origins trace back to shamanic traditions and Pi's personal quest to share the life-altering energy he encountered while dwelling in solitude on a tranquil beach in the Philippines. Fueling his desire to introduce this transformative practice into diverse settings—medical facilities, educational institutions, and even correctional facilities as well as sharing this with the world—Pi embarked on a journey of scientific research, supported notably by individuals like Serena Olsen. This exploration acknowledged the inherent power and boundless potential of Innerdane, resulting in its sharing across these settings globally. The depth and richness of Innerdane is a story that knows no end.

As we gather in Innerdane, we coalesce into a collective entity, weaving the tapestry of our individual energies into a symphony of resonance.

In my role as your facilitator, I hold a space of refuge and welcome, ensuring that you're held and sustained throughout your personal odyssey. With trust as our guide, we lay the foundation, eyes closed and hearts open, ready to set forth on a multidimensional journey into the landscapes of consciousness. While our eyes remain closed during practice, your body's whispers and expressions find freedom in movement, releasing that which no longer serves you.

The Innerdane journey deliberately ignites the neural pathways and the autonomic nervous system, igniting a web of electrical activity across every lobe of the brain. This rewiring, akin to an 8-hour REM sleep cycle, kindles a healing reverie within the realm of wakefulness—an opportunity for transformation as boundless as the cosmos.

Guided by a soundscape as unique as your fingerprint and created for the individual session and intuitively guided touch, Innerdane unfurls an inner sojourn, weaving threads of profound connection with your essence.

Whether your heart resonates with the synergy of a group, where our shared energies amplify the journey, or you seek the intimacy of a one-on-one session, Innerdane's transformative potential endures. In the intimate embrace of a personal session, the experience becomes tailored to your intentions and needs—a focused exploration led by your desires.

Within the realm of Innerdane, each journey emerges distinct, a testament to the kaleidoscope of human experience. Honour each journey, for it harbours its own treasure—a unique gift bestowed upon you in the present moment. Some paths unfurl profound epiphanies and grand transformations, while others offer gentle whispers of realisation and stillness. Embrace your own rhythm, and respect the tempo at which your soul chooses to explore.

Every session commences with a collective check-in, and we conclude by intertwining our energies, an invitation to share and celebrate in a circle of connection.

Throughout the session, you may be led by your body's rhythms—expressing through movement, stillness, somatic wisdom, and vocal release. Trauma may find release, insights may dawn, healing may occur, inner child healing may occur, past life connections, collective consciousness events may take place, connections may flourish—the possibilities are as endless and diverse as the stars.

Embrace the truth that, no matter the number of Innerdane sessions you undertake, this practice remains an eternal wellspring of wisdom and revelation. With each journey, new layers of insight unfurl, guiding us toward authentic selves and expanded consciousness. Whether you're taking your first step or delving into Innerdane's depths once again, it's an invitation to deepen your connection, to unlock hidden potentials, and to unearth the innate beauty that resides within you.

I extend an invitation to you—a chance to step into the transformative realm of Innerdane, a sacred journey through timespace realms, guided by my hand. In this harmonious environment we craft, safety embraces you, and warmth kindles as you plunge into the heart of your being, embracing the transformative magic of Innerdane, the magic of you.

Trying to fully explain Innerdane in words is an endeavour that falls short of capturing its magnificence. Just as we attempt to articulate its elements, the sensation is akin to grasping at waves upon the shore. Innerdane is a realm so vast, so intricate, that our human language struggles to encapsulate its profoundness.

Innerdane reshaped my existence; it would be a profound privilege to guide you on your own journey.

I offer sessions for both groups and individuals, and I'm thrilled to bring the Innerdane experience to other events, retreats, and festivals. My belief that everyone should experience Innerdane, not once but repeatedly, fuels my eagerness to share.

If you're drawn to explore further or wish to secure a spot, please don't hesitate to reach out. xx

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