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About Us

We walk beside people on journeys of self discovery using the mediums of deep connection, shamanic practice, creating space, deep listening, inner dance journeys, energy work and ceremony.  Helping people to find themselves and embrace transitions.

Who are we...

Hayley - Facilitator, Soul Worker and Healer


 In a world of perpetual change, I've spent over 20 years navigating the realm of wellness. My journey has taken me through diverse fields, from addiction recovery to studying counselling, while also exploring the profound connection between esoteric wisdom and the nurturing embrace of nature.

Thirteen years ago, my path took a transformative turn when a diagnosis of fibromyalgia challenged me to reevaluate my existence. Struggling with constant pain and surrendering the wheel, I embarked on an inward journey, dismantling old habits and rediscovering the treasures within my body, my diet, and my spirituality—parts of me I had hidden in pursuit of conformity. Nature and confronting my personal trauma became allies on my quest for wholeness.

This journey was far from linear, marked by pivotal awakenings that punctuated my path. And then, the world paused. Lockdown stripped away external distractions, forcing me to confront my shadows with a raw honesty. In the midst of collective loss, I found a deeper connection to my spiritual practice, expanded my support network, and discovered the power of women's circles.

Amidst the depths of this journey, I carried new life within me. Birthing my daughter became a profound rebirth of my own—a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the trust I'd cultivated in my body and my husband. My daughter, a constant teacher, continues to inspire growth within me and has lead me to investigate becoming a doula. 

The discovery of innerdane opened a floodgate of remembrance—a harmonious alignment of purpose. It was a moment of clarity, where the fragments of my journey coalesced, revealing my true calling.

With a heart attuned to recognizing the unique paths of others, my aim is to offer companionship and guidance for those seeking transformation and self-discovery. My exploration of shamanic practices, innerdane, somatic, and energy work, driven by lived experience, fuels both my personal growth and my desire to be a supportive presence on the journeys of others.

Mark - Venturer of the Wilderness, Seeker of Esoteric Wisdom

Hey there! I'm Mark, and I'm on a journey of discovery – exploring both the tangible and the hidden aspects of life. I've been weaving my way through a tapestry of experiences for years, driven by an insatiable curiosity and a deep love for the great outdoors.

My connection with nature runs deep, like the roots of ancient trees whispering their secrets to those who listen. I've spent years leading bushcraft groups, immersing myself in the natural world. Every rustle of leaves, every crackling fire, and every star-lit night holds a unique story, and I'm here to share them all.

When the world is quiet, and the moon paints everything silver, I dive into the esoteric. I'm fascinated by the unseen threads that connect our reality. Recently, shamanic practices have become my compass, leading me to realms where the ordinary and extraordinary blend in harmony. It's a journey of discovering ancient wisdom and unlocking the hidden potential within us.

In my past, I've worn many hats – from a crystal-wearing healer to a troubleshooter fixing digital realms. But my heart belongs to the wind in the trees and the song of the rivers.

Above all, my heart beats for my family and personal growth. They guide me to become a better version of myself every day. The challenges I've faced have been stepping stones to who I am today.

So, join me as we explore the wild spaces of the world and the hidden landscapes within ourselves. Let's uncover mysteries, connect with the energies around us, and embrace the beauty of growth. Together, we'll walk the less-traveled path, guided by ancient wisdom and the untamed spirit of the wilderness.

Welcome to this incredible journey.

Our Story

For years, Hayley and Mark have been dedicated to organising gatherings and events for children and young individuals, while also engaging in a profound journey of personal wellness and spirituality in private.


Today, we stand on the cusp of realising our heartfelt aspiration – to extend the joys of our work to others and actively contribute to the establishment of a closely-knit community.

From the depths of this aspiration, coupled with a rekindled sense of purpose, emerged Phoenix Wellness.


Our vision encompasses the facilitation of women's circles, innerdance sessions, and a variety of events held in collaboration with like-minded souls. Our ultimate goal is to foster connections, cultivate community, and provide a nurturing environment for transformative experiences that emanate from the core of the heart.

In response to our evolving mission, Phoenix Wellness has seamlessly transitioned into Phoenix Gatherings – a name that encapsulates our ethos of uniting individuals and embracing the spirit of togetherness. This renaming is emblematic of our central pursuit: bringing people together in a way that resonates with our essence.

As we traverse this ongoing journey of growth and self-discovery, our horizons continue to broaden, both in the outer world and within ourselves. We wholeheartedly invite you to embark on this journey alongside us. Your presence, in whatever capacity you choose, would be a cherished addition to our shared path.

Together, let's celebrate the bonds we forge, the transformations we undergo, and the community we collectively nurture.


Join us on this remarkable expedition, and together, we'll create a tapestry of connection, wellness, and spiritual enrichment.

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