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Hayley has worked in Wellness for around 20 years within addiction recovery, children's wellness, running events as well as studying the esoteric world connecting with nature and working on self through deep shadow work.

A couple of years ago after an experience which you could call an 'awakening' or an 'episode of remembrance' during an inner dance she remembered what it was she came here to do, she remembered 'holding space' and practicing magic even as a young child and saw who she is and what she needs to share with the world.   

She then embarked on further training to study somatic work, further shamanic practice, healing and of course inner dance both with Katie Holland and further training with Serena Olsen in both inner dance and energy school, this is something that she continues to study along other study. (she loves learning and deepening her practice)  

In 2022 she formed Phoenix to share wellbeing practices such as inner dance, women’s circles, bioenergy, ceremony and journeying as well as creating beautiful events to aid in connection to both self and others.  She brings all of her work, both professional and personal together to enable her to hold space in a trauma informed way to enable healing and transformation.  The journey continues...

Our Story

For years we (Hayley and Mark) have run gatherings and events for children and young people and worked within wellness from a professional place whilst our spiritual practice took place behind closed doors.  It is our absolute dream to share the work that we love with others and to help build community and connections.  From this dream (and the remembering) Phoenix Wellness was created to run woman's circles, inner dance and other events in collaboration with others; to build community and hold space for transformation from a heart centred place.  Phoenix wellness has become Phoenix Gatherings as a statement to bringing people together being at the heart of what we’re about. We continue to grow and expand both outwardly in the world and within ourselves and we'd love for you to join us on our journey somehow.

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